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Psychological Evaluation

At Unison, we offer empirically-supported and comprehensive psychological assessments and psychotherapy services, delivered by our dedicated team of experienced clinical psychologists, addressing a wide range of psychological disorders: anxiety, drive's and other phobias, stress and other clinical disorders.

Your first visit will be a Psychological screening interview aimed to determine preliminary problems and necessity of further in-depth Psychological Assessment. Once the preliminary diagnosis is confirmed, and the need for an assessment is established, you will be invited for an assessment, an in-person clinical diagnostic interview with one of our Clinical Psychologists. During the assessment, a number of tests will be done, that will allow the assessor to process the test results, determine a correct  diagnosis and complete a report. You will be then invited to attend a Feedback session with the psychologist, to review the report and discuss the recommended method of treatment and relaxation. 


The benefits of psychological assessment and psychotherapy include clarification of diagnosis, appropriate treatment planning and recommendations, reduced and /or eliminated symptoms, reduced emotional distress, improved personal relationships, improved insight, improved coping skills, and improve problem-solving skills. It is our desire to work with you to attain your personal goals for psychological evaluation and/or psychotherapy.

Effective psychotherapy treatment cannot be possible without patient's full cooperation and willingness to participate. Thus, every patient can be given exercises to be completed at home, in order to enhance patient`s treatment outcome and progress towards their goals.

Approaches used:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy

  • psychological counselling and treatment

  • couples therapy

  • anxiety / stress / depression management sessions

  • relaxation techniques

  • group therapy is available with mindfulness approach techniques

What to expect

Learn what to expect on the day of your visit and how you can prepare for your upcoming appointment, for a pleasant experience and a satisfactory result.

1. Every psychological appointment begins with verification of patient's identity. 

The provider will ask you to present your ID and/or confirm your date of birth. This is a necessary step for maintaining our patients' file confidentiality and fraud prevention.

2. Second step is the Informed Consent to Services and Confirmation of Appointment form (or, Consent) authorization. The Consent form is required to be completed before every appointment. This guarantees (makes sure) that you are aware of the nature of service being provided to you and understand any risks  associated with it. The Consent form also serves as confirmation of your attendance and  appointment completion, which is required by insurance companies for direct billing.

3. Towards the end of your visit, the provider will explain you the next steps. Wether you just finished a Screening Interview, Assessment or a Feedback Interview, the Psychologist will need a few days to complete a comprehensive assessment / interview report. When the document is ready, we will get in touch with you to book your next visit and/or discuss the status of your file and how you would like to proceed.

For treatment plans, you are highly encourages to schedule your next session(s) in advance, to ensure consistency in your therapeutic approach and promising results. To schedule your next session, you are welcome to contact our office at 289-472-0241 x 101 (Front Desk) or Book Online in your Patient Portal.

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