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Occupational therapy


Occupational Therapy Intervention

At Unison, we offer occupational therapy and personal support services to help maximize functional independence for individuals with a wide range of limitations, so every client will receive a unique therapy program and/or assistance.

Our Occupational Therapists provide hospital discharge, attendant care needs (Form-1) and in-home assessments, in order to ensure safe patient transfer to the home environment. Upon the assessment OT prepares a report with all necessary recommendations for therapy, assistive devices and/or home modifications to facilitate patient's recovery. OT also monitors the rehabilitation process by regularly visiting the patient, communicating with their family and other medical practitioners to educate and support both the patient and their family.

The Occupational Therapist can also refer you to other helpful community resources, as well as Personal Support Worker, if necessary.

Our goal is to help our patients achieve their full potential in the occupation of day-to-day living by determining the right solutions for their individual health and recovery needs, including self-care, work, study or leisure, developing step-by-step strategies and providing full support to patients and their families, throughout the recovery process.

OT Services and Treatments

OT treatments could be recommended and provided for:

  • patients with severe functional limitations (ex. fractures, dislocations, concussion, etc.);

  • patients with cognitive disorders (ex. post brain injury, concussion symptoms);

  • post stroke/heart attack patients;

  • post surgery patients;

  • and patients with mental disorders,
    in order to increase functionality and improve quality of life with different medical conditions.

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