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Outsource your needs for Independent Medical Assessments, Post-accident Treatments and Supplementary Services after an accident to a reliable impartial provider with first appointment scheduled within 48 hours

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Recovering after an accident is a hard and exhausting medical process, very different from your typical Family Doctor visit. Documentation demands, complexity of injuries and regulatory requirements often present a burden and leave the injured stressed and confused.

With Unison, you get to have a trusted partner by your side, leading you step by step towards recovery while ensuring that your file meets all compliance requirements. Feel free to observe our top-notch facility, where we put the professional expertise and hard work into every patient's case.


Free Consultation

This is how your journey towards smooth recovery with Unison begins. After leaving your contact information, our staff members will reach out to you within 24 hours to address any and all issues you may have, and to provide guidance on how to initiate the case. Our goal is to leave you with no questions unanswered, and if you agree to proceed further, we will schedule Comprehensive Initial Accident Analysis on the same day.

Our Services

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

Reliable evidence-based examinations with our Healthcare Experts to ensure your injuries are addressed in a timely and impartial manner


Wide variety of Treatment Plans to ensure smooth recovery, including Physical & Mental Health treatment. Each treatment plan is designed individually based on the severity of your injuries


More than 200 options of devices for lifestyle, home, office and car use to get you back to pre-accident health condition as fast as possible



  • Am I paying for the services myself?
    The only fee paid by the patient while the claim is active is for the Comprehensive Accident Impact Report. For any and all other medical expenses, Unison offers direct electronic and paper billing to insurance companies. You will not have any out-of-pocket expenses. *In some cases, if you have a legal representative willing to protect your account upon settlement of your claim, you will be notified accordingly and Unison will collect reimbursement only after the case is settled.
  • Are there any hidden fees?
    No. Any and all proposed expenses will be forwarded to you for review, and we will only be able to submit them to the insurer, after you sign the respective documentation (drafted and prepared by Unison for your convenience). *Supplementary services like transportation and translation are sometimes billed separately. You will be informed accordingly, and Unison will collect reimbursement only after the case is settled to make sure you do not have any out-of-pocket expenses.
  • I am having a hard time describing my symptoms in detail, however I am confident I feel much worse physically/psychologically
    Post-accident injuries and symptoms are often very complex and hard to interpret without a healthcare professional. In certain cases, there are “hidden” injuries, noticed months after the accident. Unison will conduct a Comprehensive Accident Impact Report with our experienced team of medical specialists to interpret your symptoms, assess the injuries, and figure out the most appropriate course of action.
  • The location seems to be inconvenient for me / I am worried for my safety and prefer not to come in person
    Unison provides an opportunity to conduct a wide range of services virtually, including processing documentation online. We make sure that your information is protected: Unison is in compliance with all Government of Canada requirements regarding Confidentiality of your data. In order to get more details on virtual services, book a free consultation with us.
  • I cannot tolerate my pain. I need emergency assistance
    Please note that Unison does NOT provide emergency medical services. If your physical (ex. fractured bone) or psychological (ex. suicidal thoughts) symptoms require immediate attention, please call 911 or address the nearest emergency medical office.

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Contact Details

Tel: 289-472-0241 

Fax: 289-472-0242


Location1275 Finch Ave W, Unit 402

North York, ON, M3J 0L5

Business hours: 
Mon -
Fri:  9.00 am  -  5.00pm       

Sat:  upon appointment

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