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Assistive Devices


Variety of medical assistive devices

Unison provides home-based and work-site assessments for anybody experiencing significant difficulty performing personal care, housekeeping, home maintenance, caregiving and/or employment activities to determine and recommend appropriate assistive devices and technologies, teach you how to use them and provide education to facilitate patient's recovery.

We carry a wide list of more than 200 options of Assistive Devices, making sure to provide you with all the support to avoid as much unnecessary pain as possible.

​Recommended by a healthcare professional, these devices would be a great help in your recovery.

1) Assistive Devices

  • Mobility Equipment

  • Home-Safety Equipment

  • Home Exercise Eqipment

  • Personal Care & Comfort Devices

  • Body Bracing (Custom Made & Manufactured)

  • Air boots and other footwear (soft / rigid support)

  • Orthopaedic Supplies (Custom Made & Manufactured mattresses)

  • Orthotics (Custom Made & Manufactured)

  • And many more …

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