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Accidents happen!

Where to start if you`ve been injured ...

Accidents are painful. Be it a physical injury, financial costs or an emotional devastation, unfortunately, the impact is still there.

But, so is hope!

The hope that the worst is behind you. And, it is. The most scary, unpredictable part of the accident is in the past. Let it settle in.

Regardless of the kind of accident, we work with all types of personal injury cases, insurance and benefits, as well as private patients.

But, what happens now?

Do you have unexpected bills coming in? Unclear of how much money and time it will take to get your car fixed? When would you get back to work? Getting frustrated with insurance calls? … Have you thought about your mental / physical health, yet?

We get it!

It’s stressful. It’s discouraging, and probably already getting frustrating, to think about this all on your own. Let us help you! Whether you’d already spoken with a friend or a colleague for an advice, or you have a lawyer friend-of-a-friend, reach out to us for a free phone consultation. No strings attached. We can professionally review your situation and outline the first steps (or the whole strategic plan, if you wish) towards getting your favorite lifestyle back.

Want to submit a claim?

We are here for you! From claim explanations, assistance with completion to managing all paperwork routine (submissions, adjuster follow-ups etc.), we have your back! Our team of medical professionals is always on standby. They will develop a customized claim plan, that will address your immediate needs and health concerns, and provide all necessary assistance for your posts-accident recovery journey.

And, should the case be, we can always refer you to a lawyer that would meet your goals. Or, if you already have one, we would be honored to collaborate with them, as your health advocates.

Ready to start the journey back to your normal lifestyle?

Get in touch now!

📞 289-472-0241, or request a consultation Online.

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