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Small steps. Let's get moving!

I'm sure you are familiar with the saying “slow and steady wins the race,” but how does this apply to recovering from an injury? Well, if you think about it, you would never see a winning Olympian just throw themselves back into training the same way they were before their injury. Instead, they would ease their bodies back into physical activity over a period of time. And remember, sometimes injuries don't heal perfectly.

When it comes to recovering from an injury or an extended break from sport, taking the necessary steps to gradually return to physical activity can be both intimidating and exciting. However, fear of further injury is often a factor that stands in the way of people reaching their physical activity goals. It’s important to understand that returning to physical activity gradually and under the guidance of a healthcare professional is key to a safe and successful recovery.

To reduce the risk of further injury, healthcare professionals may recommend a range of modified activities or exercises that can help people build back up their strength and endurance.

Taking time to warm up before engaging in physical activity can also help reduce the risk of further injury. Warm-up activities should involve stretching and light movements that help to increase blood flow to the muscles and provide a gradual transition into more strenuous physical activity.

To help yourself get started and stay motivated in your physical activity journey, it can be helpful to set achievable goals and find activities that you enjoy. Setting up a fitness plan with realistic goals and milestones can also give you a sense of accomplishment and help to keep you motivated along the way. Additionally, finding an activity buddy or joining a fitness group can provide extra support, motivation, and accountability.

It is also important to listen to the body and be mindful of any signs of pain or fatigue when engaging in physical activity. If these signs occur, taking a break or reducing the intensity of the activity is recommended.

Taking small steps, setting achievable goals and listening to the body

during physical activity can help reduce the risk of injury

and lead to a successful rehabilitation


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